July 21st

Sawadee ka (hello)!
It has been a hectic week and boy am I glad it is the weekend. For the last few days I have been plagued with what seems to be a never-ending migraine. As many of you know, these are incredibly irritating and painful for me, this week was no different. I spent the majority of Thursday and Friday in the darkness of my hotel switching off between migraine meds and Tylenol. By Friday night, my head had stopped hurting enough so I could venture out into the world at least a little bit.
Roxy and I went to the beach for the sunset; doing a little bit of shopping between my hotel and the beach. For dinner we decided to visit the hotel next door to mine, which turned out to be one of the nicest places I have eaten since coming to Thailand.The service was fantastic and we were even served bread! In America, bread comes with basically every meal, but here bread is a commodity that one normally pays a good amount extra for. Anyways, the night ended up being one of the best dates Roxy or I had ever experienced (which was humorous and wonderful).
Today my head allowed me to at least visit the beach for a few hours and read my book. I just finished the first Sookie Stackhouse novel and highly suggest them to anyone who needs something to tide them over from Sunday-to-Sunday (Trueblood fans, I’m talking to you). For now I am back in my hotel nursing my migraine in the dark. I hope everything is well for everyone back home and I miss you all. ❤
Lots of love and kisses,


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  1. Is there some staple like bread that is served with most meals?

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