Bangkok! August 7, 2012

I just arrived in Bangkok after finishing out my teaching certificate at the Patong Language School. Unfortunately my plans to stay in Thailand have been cut drastically short due to my migraines. With consistent migraines almost everyday or every other day I have decided the only thing to do is to come home and get healthy. This blog will be interesting for another week or so as I share my Bangkok adventures with you, however after that I will be using it to chronicle my struggles with migraines. Hopefully it will not just be struggles but some successes too. Anyways, I am exhausted and just uploaded 145 pictures to the Flikr account so head over there and check out my visit to Phi Phi Island, adventures on Bang La with Louise, and a whole bunch of animals and fish. A video blog will be going up in the next day that will have more details describing what you see in the pictures!

Much love to all of you and I am excited to be heading home in a week (although a tad disappointed).

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